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The nature of my work


The nature of my work


The management of complex change


Developing the top team


Coaching leaders and potential leaders


Background and Capabilities





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I see my work broadly as facilitating, illuminating and accelerating the process of change for organisations and for individuals.  Typically my work consists of three inter-linked areas:


-   The management of complex change


-   Developing the top team


-   Coaching leaders and potential leaders



I have a number of beliefs about how effective change happens in organisations, and the role that a consultant should play to enhance this effectiveness. These underpin my approach to consulting.  Simply put, these beliefs are:


   That organisations need to create their own answers rather than be given answers if they are to create commitment and meaning which will really lead to action and change.  My approach is to be a facilitator and catalyst. I clearly distinguish my expertise from that of the leaders and would hold back from giving  advice on the business of the organisation itself.


   That change is a learning process for individuals, teams and organisations. This means that appropriate feedback, unlearning, coping with “limbo”, relearning, step-size of progress and pace of change are essential if change is to happen.  My approach is to make informed judgements about and give advice on all these aspects of learning in helping to design and implement any change. For learning to take place it is essential that people do it for themselves.  My approach is not one of a “teacher” but of a catalyst for learning who provides support and feedback. 


   That it is necessary to get a good balance between directing and involving people in change if there is to be true engagement, alignment of energy, creation of synergy and use of talent.  Typically organisations direct in favour of involve. My approach is to help organisations judge what the right balance is in the circumstances and help them to choose appropriate ways of involving people, and to model the sort of organisation they want to be in the way they go about the change process itself. 



Confidentiality is key to my work.  I often work with multiple clients in one organisation and use a simple rule that whatever is said by an individual belongs to them,  and I do not repeat it to anyone else except at their request or with their agreement.  Often I may be involved in collecting views from a number of people within an organisation.  Any synthesis made which would be shared would be non-attributable.  As a Fellow of the British Psychological Society I am bound by their Code of Ethics.


My approach is tailor made to individual client organisations since each situation is unique.




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