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The nature of my work


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Developing the top team


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“Developing the top team”. I work closely with the top team in helping them lead change effectively whilst running today’s business. This often involves working with them on:


•   their role,


•   the way they add value,


•   their focus and priorities,


•   their effectiveness


◦   as a team,

   as decision-makers and communicators,

   as leaders who give consistent signals to the organisation and are open to feedback and adapting themselves.


It also can involve helping them to work together to create a shared destination, engagement of the organisation and a journey plan described above, as well as to draw out joint lessons as progress is made.  Designing these is not something which can be done effectively by one person in the top team – the thinking needs to be done together to create ownership, meaning, commitment and action.


My work here is often done in a series of workshops (linked over time forming part of the organisation's "journey plan") which I would design together with the top team and facilitate.




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