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“Wendy helped me to create the team I wanted from the people I had. She worked alongside us to identify and capitalize on our strengths and to manage our weaknesses together. She enabled us to understand, discuss and address difficult conflicts in our team.As a result of her input each of us improved our performance individually and our team performance was transformed. We became one of the top performing teams in the whole Region”

“Wendy supported our executive team through a challenging period of change - leading a merger and delivering a programme of performance improvement. She helped us to identify the key strategic and operational issues and to focus our energy on them whilst enabling us to deal with the human and organisational consequences of the changes we faced. We could not have done this without her support, challenge and insight”

“Preparation for my own and the group’s Myers Briggs gave me a very incisive, enduring insight”

“Had felt under-fuelled on the whole subject of managing large scale change in a change-averse culture like this. “Fink’s curve” and the Change Equation provided a very big impact for me”

“I have increased my speed and capability because of these discussions with and inputs from Wendy –I hadn’t made time to focus on this before. It has accelerated me – helped me leap start into a deeper understanding of things”





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