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Background and Capabilities







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Capabilities I think I can bring:



•   some wisdom in understanding the complexity of and humanity involved in change


•   an ability to make what may seem “soft” and invisible, visible and thus manageable


•   experience and insights from working with many complex organisations living through change and with their leaders


•   an ability to conceptualise and integrate different aspects of change to make a more coherent and manageable whole. A capacity for making the complex simple


•   an ability to anticipate and voice implications and consequences of change and so help people to anticipate and manage them themselves


•   a capacity to work “in real time” with leaders and teams, understanding the essence quickly, helping them get to the heart of the matter and creating possibilities for moving forward


•   an ability to work one-to-one, leading small groups and leading large groups in an effective, professional but unobtrusive way


•   a capacity to empathise and tune in quickly with many different sorts of people


•   a capacity to integrate fruitfully for the organisation the three areas of my work




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